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Import-Export Data

Get trending statistics and insights across 195+ countries and keep a close watch on international trade.


Detailed Data

Find the right business partners by accessing detailed data covering importers and exporters from 52+ countries.


Exclusive Data

Access exclusive data of 24+ countries including Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ghana, Mexico, Nigeria, Singapore, and Turkey.

Market Inside Platform

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Actual & Comprehensive Market View

Access our online platform and get a complete picture of trade between countries and analyze all import-export activities across international borders. See market trends, indicators, and a lot more at a single largest platform.

Find the Right Business Partners

Access and study trade information of over 2 million import and export companies to find the companies that matter to your business the most. Get direct phone numbers and email addresses of companies and their key decision-makers.

Access Visualized Data

Search data on any keyword such as HS Code, Product, etc., and get a visualized view of the market through simple-to-understand charts and graphs. Explore full data in graphical presentations in one go.

Trade Map Feature to Access Detailed Data

Use the “Trade Map’ feature to know and analyze trade between import & export companies and their business partners. See profiles of companies and build a network by accessing direct contacts of companies and their key decision-makers.

20+ Filters to Explore Complete Data

Use 20+ filters including HS Code, Product Description, Importer, Exporter, Year, Month, Port, Origin Country, and Destination Country, and get a complete market picture of traded countries, commodities, and companies.

User-friendly Platform

Our platform is AI-integrated that helps users to explore comprehensive global import-export trade data with quick accessibility of multiple features and graphical presentations anywhere and anytime.

Essential Data for Everyone

Easily unlock insights about the global import-export market

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